NBA Playoffs, Recap and Preview

Welcome to the daily NBA Playoff roundup! Each day well have a quick recap of yesterdays games, and a preview of todays action. Feel free to reach out to me on twitter to give your insight and discuss anything NBA!


Philadelphia 76ers 106 @ Miami Heat 102 (3-1)

Yet another game where Miami was unable to play 4 complete quarters. One has to wonder what this series would look like if the Heat could play a full 48. Philadelphia once again raised the intensity to close the game out and take a commanding 3-1 lead heading back to Philly on 4/24. Despite a poor performance by Joel Embiid (14/12/1/5) the 76ers prevailed behind J.J. Redick's 24 points and a triple double by Ben Simmons (17/13/10). Wade and Dragic led the way for the heat but were unable to hold onto a 4 point lead entering the 4th. The Heat have now been outscored 127-85 in the 4th and this series looks to be just about wrapped up.


Portland Trail Blazers 123 @ New Orleans Pelicans 131 (0-4)

New Orleans was able to finish up the series sweep at home behind 2 absolutely monster performances by Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday (47/5/1, 41/3/8) and another vintage Playoff Rondo clinic. It will be interesting to see if the Pelicans can continue to win with these very top-heavy performances. The loss for Portland also brings many questions. Will Terry Stotts have another season to right the ship? And could this be the last we see of the Dame-CJ backcourt?


Houston Rockets 105 @ Minnesota Timberwolves 121 (2-1)

Despite another average performance by Karl Anthony-Towns, the Wolves were able to win their 1st home playoff game in over 10 years. Jimmy Butler had a great performance posting 28/7/5 and Jeff Teague also added 23 points on 9-14 shooting, 3-5 from 3. Nobody for the Rockets played particularly well as the Wolves will now look to tie the series up. While the Rockets are capable of playing much better. I felt that the Wolves should have been a much tougher out for Houston than what they showed the first two games.


Oklahoma City Thunder 102 @ Utah Jazz 115 (1-2)

The Thunder have once again proven to be the kings of mind boggling performances. The Jazz used an awesome triple double by Ricky Rubio, TRICKY RICKYYYYY!!!! to propel them to a 2-1 series lead. While the Thunder can certainly beat any team on any given night, they can also come out and lay a goose egg just as often. Paul George's game 1 performance gave Thunder fans hope that the team might finally be reaching their potential but he has yet to replicate that game.


Todays Slate:


Boston Celtics @ Milwaukee Bucks (2-1) 1pm ABC

Boston looks to calm the young boys nerves and take a 3-1 series lead back to The Gahden to close this series out. Meanwhile the Bucks behind the Greek Freak and sharpshooting Khris Middleton look to even the series up. Oh yea, that Drew Bledsoe guy will once again try to regain some of his dignity. The Celtics will have to play with much more poise and composure if they want to regain control of the series.


Golden State Warriors @ San Antonio Spurs (3-0) 3:30pm ABC

Not much to say about this one. The Spurs simply do not have enough fire power to compete with the Warriors. San Antonio has no reason to be ashamed after a successful season considering the circumstances. Also remember to keep Pop in your prayers as he is dealing with the sudden loss of his wife. May she rest in peace.


Toronto Raptors @ Washington Wizards (2-1) 6:00pm TNT

The Wizards will also be looking to tie the series up and it should be within reach as long as Bradley Beal doesn't disappear again. Last game we got a look at the team that I was most fearful of the Celtics playing in the 1st round due to the deadly potential of Washington's backcourt. While the Raptors certainly have a depth advantage, The Pelicans have shown that games can be won with just a few outstanding performances by a teams best players. The D.C. boys are going to need just that.


Cleveland Cavaliers @ Indiana Pacers (1-2) 8:30pm TNT

I'm going to make this one very brief. Will LeBron carry his team to the next round, or will he experience his 1st ever first round exit. This series is that simple, you be the judge. 






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