What's Happening At Celtics Direct?... Our Message To Celtics Fans

June 8, 2017

 Celtics Direct has an aim to provide Celtics fans with everything they need to know about our favorite team. We want for a Celtics fan to be able to wake up and have a direct news outlet where they can find everything in one place, whether it's blogs, videos, stats, news... anything! This is what we aim to provide, with our own twist. 

Here at Celtics Direct, we keep you up to date each day with all the latest news and rumors from around the Boston Celtics camp. Including news posts, videos, stats and photos. We post select stories to different social networks, so you can keep up to speed and share your love for the Celtics with your friends.

If you like our content and want to follow the Celtics, why not follow our social media pages? You would be doing us a massive favor by helping us grow and create more awesome content. Below are all the ways you can follow Celtics Direct;

Twitter: We post all of our stories about Celtics news, have cool videos, and the latest talking points on our Celtics. Follow us on Twitter!

YouTube: Go to our channel to find highlights for and to see how our players are doing. As well as interviews, tributes and focus on our young players. Subscribe to our YouTube channel!


Instagram: Here you'll see pictures and videos from games, plenty of awesome stats, and visuals that any Celtics fan would love. Follow us on Instagram!


 SoundCloud: Stay updated with the Celtics by listening to our great podcasts in which we cover all important current Celtics events. All podcasts are available to download. Follow us on SoundCloud!



Oh and by the way... we also have really cool & unique merchandise where you can grab phone cases, t-shirts or even hoodies. And just for reading this use the code "LuckyFan" for a 15% discount.



The meaning of this message is mainly to say thank you for all your support throughout the years and viewing our content on a daily basis. Thank you for spreading our blogs, purchasing our merchandise, downloading our new podcasts etc. It means a lot to us as we do this purely for #CelticsNation. We are really excited to keep producing great content for you guys and cannot wait for the future.


Please feel free to leave your feedback below and what you would like to see from us next.




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