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Even though the Playoffs just started, this season is a success

Isaiah for Kyrie, Hayward down game one, Horford's All Star hate, Smart and Irving injuries, Mook, Moose, and Scary Terry headlines. These are just a few of the many storylines that have occurred this season. If you gave someone a rundown of everything that's happened this season with no knowledge of the Celtics, they'd probably assume it was a bad year. Yet here I am, 2 games into the playoffs, and I'm in love. In a strange way I'm glad that the team and the fans had to experience this. We have seen some amazing developments with just about every player on the team. Yea Terry looked good last year, but starting point guard? Al Horford an elite point-forward, Brown and Tatum, future stars who couldn't even buy a beer a few months ago. Life is pretty damn good for a Celtics fan. I'll admit the last couple of years have been amazing and the team hasn't even gotten to the Finals yet. Every year we get a new hero to root for, a new cause to get behind. I would have been satisfied about this season even if we took an L in the first round. Now I just want to see what this group is capable of. What I do know is no matter what happens, these boys are going to go down swinging.

Oh yea remember when Kyrie said "we have an ace in our back pocket?" Well now we have 2 and a kings pick, good luck NBA.

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