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Is It Time To Say Goodbye To Marcus Smart?

Wednesday January 31st, Marcus Smart is out injured, Kyrie is out also - enter center stage Terry Rozier and dude take a bow!. At the start of the season i wrote an article stating my belief this was the year the Marcus Smart had a breakout - it pains me to say it but i was wrong, still a streaky scorer with no signs of getting any better. Yes he has made progress in running an offence and his positional play has improved BUT these have been small slow steps, Rozier on the other hand has made strides HUGE HUGE strides.

So far this season T-RO has averaged 9.6 ppg, 4.5 trb and 2.2 ast, all whilst playing behind both Kyrie and Smart in the rotation, against the Knicks we saw a glimpse of the future! T-RO's "Westbrook-esque" performance was a sign that he is ready to play a larger role on this team. A role currently occupied by Smart, and whilst i am a huge advocate for Smart's defense and intangibles it is becoming ever more apparent that Rozier is ready to take this roll and make it his own.

Our offense looked more fluid, Rozier's shot mechanics looked smooth and effortless, he gives us a guard who enjoys to rebound and run the open court. He is faster, more athletic and at the moment it seems has the higher ceiling. This is a dude that has literally fought for every minute of playing time since the day he was drafted, and now i believe he is winning the fight for that 2nd PG spot.

This is a contract year for Smart, and he has played well, but while he is busy punching (swiping) picture frames for missing a last second shot, Rozier is slowly showing us there may be no reason to extend an offer to Smart at all! currently there is Kyrie, Smart, Rozier and then Nader at PG - we don't need all of them, and at the moment it is Smart i would prefer to see leave.

There is still time for my perception to change, and it is just the MY Perception, but for every game Smart is out, Rozier is showing Danny that maybe there is better places to spend that cap-room than on a limited PG who can't control his temper or the game! - we have a new enforcer on the team now - enter Marcus Morris, and he is putting up numbers whilst still hounding teams on D.

In the new NBA you need to be able to score and defend! and that's why i believe its time to let Smart leave come the off-season or via a sign-and-trade before the deadline.

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