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It's Time To Start Dreaming

If i was to sum up the Celtics in one word it would be RESILIENCE

On the back of a 13 game winning streak, the Boston Celtics faced their sternest test yet - the now infamous Warriors team. A team capable of blowing you out of the water before half time, an historic team in their own right.

Down by 17 midway through the second quarter, you could be forgiven for thinking that this was the end of our streak - that we are not yet ready to match up with GSW. But that would be wrong!! this Celtics team is already battle hardened 16 games into the season, adversity seems to run off of these guys! they just aren't fazed.

Brown put this team on his back at several junctures within this game, his sequence of missing a 3 - grabbing the OR - Scoring from the OR - then a chase down block. Is just one example - again Resilience - playing after the loss of a close friend and dominating the flow of the game the way he did totally sums up the Celtics season to date. Brown was everywhere last night, his improvement this season is exceptional! he finished with 22pts and 7rbs against one of the best defences in the league.

Then we have Kyrie and Al who seem to be linked telepathically already, these guys have made it so much easier for the teams young core coming down the stretch in games, and i would assume they are just as brilliant for the younger guys off the court. Both guys played their hearts out, as they do every time they step on the court.

Boston is holding teams to a league best 94.1 ppg whilst ranking 24th in ppg with 102. Brad Stevens has always preached defence and that's why their record is what it is - they are just too damn good and taking other teams out of their stride, suffocating play and running the court.

Now might be the time to start believing that the Celtics can achieve something great this season, that the rebuild has bared fruit early - if Hayward can make it back in the playoffs then this team might be ready to replace the faltering Cavs in the finals. And if its not this year then it is definitely next.

This season is one to behold and enjoy - us as Celtics fans have a team full of All-Stars/Future All-Stars/Top level rotation pieces. We are set for a enjoyable 5-10 years and it all started 16 games ago.

HERE IS TO WIN 14 guys!!!! lets see if we can beat the franchise record of 19 (which by the way was a championship team that year). Here is to watching history be made, after years of loyalty by all of us during the rebuild i can't stop smiling about how this season is shaping up.

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