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Exceeding Expectations

When Gordan Hayward suffered his injury myself and most Celtics fans on my social media were all of the same opinion, our seasons course had changed direction - the wrong direction!

12 games later we are 10-2 and playing some stellar basketball to make it even better. Sure there have been games (mainly earlier on this run) where it hasn't been fluid or aesthetically pleasing, but we showed grit and determination in those moments to finish with the W. Fast forward a few games a jeez! we are playing some damn good ball on both ends of the court.

Holding opponents to 94.6 ppg, whilst dropping an average of 103.8 ppg it is obvious Brad Stevens has found his rotations early on this season. Kyrie took a while to adapt to the sets & his new teammates but boy has he provided us some "Uncle Drew" moments already in this young season - that spin move to split a double-team against the Bucks comes straight to mind. Al Horford has been a silent assasin posting superb numbers 15/9/5 on the season so far (stats rounded to nearest whole number).

Then there are the 3 rooks (i am including Brown here) Tatum/Brown/Theis - these guys can straight up ball, the are combining for a total of 35 ppg & 17 rpg not bad for 2 freshmen and a sophomore. I have been so impressed with these guys (plus Semi's defence) that i am sure they will be a big 3 or 4 in their own right a few years down the line.

TBH with the exception of Nader this whole roster is lit, Baynes has been a pleasant surprise on both ends, Morris is an upgrade on Crowder and Rozier has been good - like really good. I said at the start of the year that Marcus Smart looked set for a breakout, and while that hasn't happened yet i'm still confident it will. Its a contract year and this guy bleeds green, he is Boston basketball embodied.

Basically what i am saying is WELL DONE guys, Brad Stevens is the coach to bring us banner 18/19/20 maybe not right now but its not far off. I for one am just enjoying the ride - and its only just begun.


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