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A New Type of Process

Over the last 4/5 years NBA fans everywhere have heard the 76ers mantra of "Trust the process", and now we Celtics fans must trust in our own form of "process". Obviously there are stark contrasts between these processes, for one we're in this position through sheer bad luck and they are in it through choice. 

Boston's process though offers more than a little light at the end of the tunnel, it offers a real shot at contending - because without Hayward, Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum need to expedite their development - they need to become our 2nd & 3rd options on offence and solidify their defence game. Obviously this isn't an easy task, fireworks cannot be expected anytime soon. However 3 games in to the season these 2 guys look like the future, add that to solid showings from Jabari Bird and Daniel Theis - Boston is only going in one direction - UP!

Everywhere you look at the moment you see "Boston got younger" or "Boston went backwards" - 2 weeks ago it was "Boston is a legitimate contender" such is Hayward's importance to this team. Hayward went down fighting for this team (albeit in his first game) but Boston owes it to him to improve these young talents, incorporate the squad into the system so that when he is healthy, they are the legitimate contenders we said they could be.

This season is going to be bumpy, sometimes maybe hard to watch, yes  we need shooting improvements and are short on rebounding, but by mid-season we will be fierce! i'm sure of it, Tatum and Brown will come good - Heck they already are. The other rookies will improve and Morris and Smart will return to the team. We owe it to Hayward to trust this process.

Sometimes you gotta take a step back to take 2 or forward. 

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