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Thank You For 30k!

Thank you for 30k!

Would just like to start of by saying WOW. What a journey it has been, and is still only the beginning. From an account that started of with 0 followers but 1 goal, to one of the biggest Celtics news/blog outlets on social media. We’ve expanded to creating our own site with podcasts, blogs and even fortunate enough to do merchandise (who we can’t thank everyone enough for buying and repping 💚). This is just a big big thank you for making our dream and mission possible. Thank you for enjoying our content, tuning in everyday and supporting. And guess what, this is only the beginning! We’re going for 40k, then 50k and so on, there is no limit! We’re going to keep improving and growing everyday and we invite you to continue following our journey. We can’t thank you enough #CelticsNation Would also like to thank our writers and designers who consistently provide us with amazing content and never fail to amaze us. You know who you are, thank you Matt, Trevor, Lauren, Murphy, Evan & Chris. Let’s go Celtics!

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