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Letter to Isaiah Thomas: Thank You

Dear Isaiah,

From all of us at Celtics Direct and Boston fans everywhere, THANK YOU. Thank you for giving us every ounce of your being; your heart, your soul, your everything. Night in and night out, you left us awestruck, yearning for more.

In your first game as a Celtic, we all knew that we had something special in our midst. You were ejected from that game, but none of us were disappointed; after all, we hadn’t witnessed that fire, passion and sheer competitiveness in far too long. It was those same qualities that helped us to reach the play-offs these last three seasons. And it was those same qualities, which nearly carried us to the NBA Finals just this past season. You accomplished that, which even Celtic greats Larry Bird and Paul Pierce could never do; you helped to establish Boston as a free-agent destination, luring proven All-Star talents in Al Horford and Gordon Hayward. And for that, we will always be in your debt.

But your contributions extended well-beyond the confines of TD Garden and into the Boston Community. While your exhibitions of community activism and charity were on full-display in your quick call to action following last year’s East Cambridge Fire, your small acts of kindness did not go unnoticed. Like when you made a fourteen year old boy’s dream come true, by shooting hoops with him. Or all of those times you stopped to sign an autograph or snap a picture with one of your many fans. You gave us the greatest gift of all, in donating your time.

Danny Ainge has never been more correct; you embodied what it meant to be a Celtic. You captured our hearts, not only with your unwavering spirit, but with your fiery personality. You inspired us every single time that you stepped foot onto the court. There is no greater example of this than last Spring, when you fought tooth and nail, through a personal tragedy. In the process, you gave many of us the strength to do the same.

You may have been “The Little Guy,” but we always saw you as the biggest, baddest guy on the court. Ultimately, you set a standard; one that future Celtics will be hard-pressed to uphold.

Once a Celtic, always a Celtic.

Thank you I.T.


Your biggest fans

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