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Let the Marcus Era Begin

The Boston Celtics have traded Avery Bradley and a 2019 second round pick to the Detroit Pistons in exchange for Marcus Morris. Unfortunately with the cap dipping to 99 million the Celtics was were forced to trade either Bradley, Marcus Smart, or Jae Crowder. While Avery Bradley is the best player out of those three, his contract was up at the end of the year. I believe if all three contracts were equal in terms of length between Bradley, Smart, and Crowder that Bradley would have been the last one that Danny AInge would have traded. Danny Ainge definitely lost this trade, but as I mentioned in my last article Ainge had really no leverage unless he was going to package two out of the three players or include a first round pick in a deal. This trade does not make the Celtics better this year, but it is not the end of the world either.

The Celtics were able to land another versatile rotational player in Marcus Morris. Morris is on a very reasonable contract that covers the next two years for just over 10 million total. Morris as an offensive player fits in well with the Celtics as he can stretch the floor, brings toughness, and even has a bit of a mid range game. However, he does not seem to bring all that much of a rebounding aspect to this team, which the Celtics are desperately lacking. While the Celtics expect to get rebounding contributions from everyone except maybe Isaiah Thomas, the need for a rebounding big is obvious. However it is becoming more and more obvious that Ainge and Brad Stevens likes to have lineups that are versatile and move around and rebounding is not a true area of concern.

Not only does this trade begin the era of Marcus Morris, but it also starts the era of Marcus Smart. Yes Marcus Smart, the now longest tenured Celtic at age 23 years old. Ever since Smart was drafted in Boston he never found a consistent starting job, which was surprising considering he was drafted sixth overall. It is now time to have Marcus Smart start every night for the Boston Celtics. His inconsistent shot is extremely frustrating, but he knows how to play tough defense and with the Celtics starting lineup he will be the last offensive option out on the court with presumably Isaiah Thomas, Gordon Hayward, Crowder, and Al Horford. Let the Marcus and Marcus era begin, however long it will last.

Credit: Celtics Direct Contributor Matt Poirier, Follow him on Twitter @BSTRONG415 for all your latest Celtics and other Boston sports news.

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