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Game 7 Is All About Pride

God that loss was depressing. All game I thought the Celtics were going to win and at the end John Wall put a dagger in Celtics Nation's heart. The Celtics dressed up for the Wizards funeral only for John Wall to pull an Undertaker.

It was such an ugly game but it turned out to be the closest one of the series. This was even more surprising since one of the Celtics' biggest advantages, the bench, was nonexistent. However, it still felt like the Celtics should have won that game, because they really should have. They contained John Wall through 3 quarters but then he exploded in the 4th. Even with that explosion the Celtics were still up 5 points with under 2 minutes. IT hit some big shots to get that lead and Horford gave us a 2 point lead very late, but it was still not enough.

Now we head back to Boston for the most important Celtics game in 5 years. Now I don't need to tell you that a Game 7 is important because everyone knows that, but this game is about more than winning the series. It's about pride. The Celtics showed up to the Verizon Center in Washington wearing black like it was the Wizards' funeral, but the only thing that died was the Celtics bench. If they lose a game 7 at home after being up 3-2 and pulling that stunt it would be one of the most embarrassing things I've seen in sports. Boston is a city with a winning culture and a choke job like that would be simply unacceptable. I could care less about playing the Cavs because anyone with rational thoughts knows we will lose that series pretty easily. This isn't about advancing, it's about Celtic pride, and they better show up ready for war at the TD Garden on Monday.



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