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What We've Learned from Bulls vs Celtics

The Boston Celtics advanced to the Eastern Conference Semifinals for the first time since 2012, and the only player left from that team is Avery Bradley. This new group, lead by Isaiah Thomas, rattled off four straight wins to win the series 4-2. The four straight wins included three on the road and one resounding 103-82 blowout in game six. The thought of the Celtics advancing when the series started seemed like a lock, but it took a bit longer than expected. While watching these six games some of the Celtics Direct contributors learned a few things.

Matt Poirier:

From the Celtics Perspective: The Celtics should play to their strengths and keep Gerald Green in the lineup to space the floor and have another outside shooter in the starting five. The Celtics are not a rebounding team even with Amir Johnson in the lineup, so forget it. As Celtics Head Coach Brad Stevens said after the game "We basically conceded that we were probably going to get beat on the boards."

From the Bulls Perspective: Jimmy Butler will reportedly have a meeting with the Bulls outside of the usual exit interview to discuss his future according to Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times. If I am Butler I request to be traded unless serious help is on the way and not aging veterans who want a homecoming. The Bulls have no future or no depth. They're stuck in the middle of the draft order, Wade is cooked, Lopez is a free agent, and Rondo fades in and out during regular seasons. Run Jimmy run!!

Credit: Celtics Direct Contributor Matt Poirier, Follow him on Twitter @BSTRONG415 for all your latest Celtics and other Boston sports news.

Trevor Parrinello (@tparrinello):

From the Celtics Perspective: Brad Stevens, much to many hot take artists dismay, is indeed a very good coach. After the first 2 games some Celtics fans were calling for him to be fired. Then to start Game 3 he inserted Gerald Green in the lineup which turned out to be a move that would spark a 4 game win streak and win the series. Stevens finally has a good pool of talent to work with to achieve some postseason success. There is a certain point where coaching doesn't matter in the playoffs if you don't have the talent, but Brad Stevens mattered this series.

From the Bulls Perspective: Fred Hoiberg is an idiot. There are two reasons for this:

1. Like I said with Stevens, there is a certain point where coaching doesn't matter, but bad coaching always matters. When the Celtics made the change of putting Gerald Green into the lineup Hoiberg made terrible decisions to counter that. He tried going small with the Celtics, which is a terrible idea since they don't have the right players to go small with them. The main advantage the Bulls had this series was the rebounding by their big men and Hoiberg squandered that advantage. He only played Lopez 20 minutes per game and barely played Portis the last 4 games. He could have made sure the Bulls owned the glass but he didn't. Also the fact that it took him so long to throw Valentine out there was hilarious. He just let MCW, Grant, and Canaan all struggle against Isaiah instead of trying a guy who could maybe do a better job. Lastly, he barely had Jimmy Butler run point. When Rondo went out this should have been a main priority since no one else could run the offense. What an idiot.

2. The second reason he is an idiot was for his postgame press conferences. Whining about Isaiah carrying made him look like such a sore loser and a bitch. The game he complained about that Jimmy Butler shot more free throws than the entire Celtics team and the refs missed 2 goal-tends that went in the Bulls favor. Not to mention the fact that literally every good player in the league carries like Isaiah does on those hesitations. It is a big part of Rondo, Wade, and Jimmy Butler's game. Thank god Hoiberg is most likely out of the NBA now.

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