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When Will Banner 18 Hang In The Rafters?

The one question all Celtics fans want the answer to. The short answer to the question is much sooner than most people think. Watching this team grow should have every Celtics fan extremely excited for the future. The Celtics will only get better from here as this group matures and continues to grow. This team has had tons of pressure all year to succeed and they have more than lived up to expectations.

The Celtics have a great chance of making a deep playoff run this spring, but if they do not it is far from the end of the world. They still have a top pick from Brooklyn and they will for sure draw some attention from top free agents this summer. It is very possible that the Celtics start next season with a top four pick and a star free agent (Blake Griffin or Gordon Hayward) added to their already elite roster. With a roster of that caliber, they could easily be the favorites in the Eastern Conference over the aging Cleveland Cavaliers. Maybe it would take a year or two for Hayward or Griffin to get acclimated to the playing style, but this roster would be the next NBA dynasty, and one that could definitely beat the Golden State Warriors.

Even if the Celtics sign no star free agents over the next three years (which seems unlikely), they still have Brooklyn's first round pick in 2018 along with many trade assets that could land them a star.

Paul George and Jimmy Butler are two players that the Celtics could possibly trade for this summer, if they decide that they do no want to add more young players to their already young core. In conclusion, the Celtics are in great shape and will be competing for a title for many years to come.

Next year this team will be truly competing for an NBA title, and Banner 18 will be hanging from the rafters in 3-5 years! Once this team adds one more star the sky is the limit for the Boston Celtics!

(Highlights of Game 6 2008 NBA Finals: Banner 17)

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