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Should the Celtics Be Concerned About Jaylen Brown?

Jaylen Brown struggled offensively early on this season, but has been progressing marginally as the season has went on. Brown has looked confident, and his shooting touch has improved quite a bit. He actually was in the discussion for the rookie of the year award. However, Jaylen Brown has regressed backwards the last couple of games. Brown has only managed to score 8 points in his last 3 games, averaging 16 minutes per game, in the last 3 games.

Could this just be a brief cold streak for the 20 year-old rookie, or could it be something deeper than that?

Brown and fellow Celtic Marcus Smart got into a heated exchange during the second half of the Celtics' win last Wednesday night against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Smart and Brown argued over a missed defensive assignment, the argument was brief but it certainly was notable. Smart wagged his finger in Brown's face, showing who the alpha male was. Smart wanted his opinion to be heard, and felt.

This confrontation was certainly out of character for the reserved rookie. Marcus Smart was in Brown's face, he was yelling at him uncontrollably. Jae Crowder was forced to break up the verbal altercation, then Crowder turned around and had some words for Brown.

This was certainly out of the ordinary for this so called "tight knit" Celtics group.

So, could the recent dip of Jaylen Brown's play be because of Marcus Smart? Brown looked like he was an upcoming star two week ago. Now he looks like he is afraid of his own shadow, when he is on the court.

Brown looks timid and out of sync, but could it all have to do with Marcus Smart?

This altericaion should worry Celtics' fans. Is Brown mentally weak? If he is mentally incapable of taking some heat from a teammate, then how is going to be able to put a team on his back in the future? The C's need him to play well if they want to make some noise in the Eastern Conference.

Jaylen Brown provides a huge spark off the bench with his athleticism, quickness, defensive ability, and his potential offensive ability.

Is this an overreaction on Jaylen? It may be, but when it comes to young players they need to be monitored. It is not crazy to connect the dots on Brown's struggles. He has looked like a totally different player since the feud with Smart. This should continue to be monitored as the regular season winds down.

If Brown continues to be a shell of himself, then expect another early playoff exit for the Celtics.

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