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Draymond Green Needs to Keep Paul Pierce's Name Out of His Mouth

“People tend to forget he was struggling to to get to the playoffs … then all of a sudden Ray Allen and KG showed up. Let’s not forget that... Just because you were scoring points don’t mean you were carrying the team. If you couldn’t get anywhere and you couldn’t do nothing, where were you carrying them to? … Pierce had had an amazing career. He was a beast. But how far was he carrying those teams? If you weren’t carrying them that far, I guess we’re in the same boat.” - Draymond 4th Man Green

In case you didn't know Draymond Green and Paul Pierce have been beefing lately because of trash talk that happened in a game. Draymond was making comments to Pierce during the game and Pierce tweeted after the game "73 wins and u thought u was gonna win a title that year (laughing emojis) 3-1 lead oops". Then Draymond said the statement above on his podcast. While Pierce isn't in a position to do much trash talking at this point in his career, let's not forget how good he actually was before the Big 3.

Draymond said Pierce wasn't carrying them that far. Yes Pierce didn't make the Finals before the Big 3 and the Celtics had a few bad years, but Pierce didn't have anyone around him. He was literally carrying those teams. His best teammate he had before KG was Antoine Walker, and while I love Toine' at the time, he was really just ok. He had no one. Also it's not like they didn't have good years under Pierce before the Big 3. In 2002 Pierce carried them to the Conference Finals where they lost in 6 games to a good Nets team that had Jason Kidd, Richard Jefferson, Dikembe Mutombo and Kerry Kittles. In game 3 of that series he put up 19 points in the 4th quarter to complete the greatest 4th quarter comeback in NBA Playoffs history. That is literally putting the team on your back and carrying them. The next year they made it to the Conference Semis and lost to the Nets again, because Pierce once again had no help. So Pierce never carried them to the Finals by himself, but not many players have done that. The only ones who really have are Lebron James and Allen Iverson. Draymond is in no position to talk about carrying teams. He is the 4th man on his team playing with two top-5 players and one top-20 player. If he had to be the main guy on a team that team would be very bad. And I like Draymond Green as a player, I would love to have him on the Celtics, but let's not get it twisted that he would not have accomplished anything without Stephy Curry, Klay Thompson, and now Kevin Durant at his side.

So here's a message for Draymond: There is a reason Shaq called him The Truth so keep his name out of your mouth.

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