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Why The Celtics Need to Go For Andrew Bogut

According to Marc Stein of ESPN, Andrew Bogut will hold talks with Cleveland, San Antonio, Golden State, and Boston. Apparently the Cavs are supposed to be a frontrunner to sign him, but the Celtics have an interesting pitch to entice him.

The Cavs can say you can sign with us and potentially win a ring, but he will get few minutes and they are still not likely to beat Golden State. Golden State can say sign with us and you can win a ring, and again he already has one and they also traded him away like spoiled milk last summer. The Celtics can offer him the most minutes out of any team, which gives him a chance to boost his value and make his next contact bigger. With all the money being thrown around in the NBA right now it's always smart to try to boost your value, and maybe Bogut will consider it. It's not like the Celtics are chopped liver either. While they are admittedly not title contenders, they are still competitive and have a chance to make the Eastern Conference Finals. Increased minutes on a primetime stage give him even more chances to boost his value and pursue a bigger contract this offseason.

This would be a great move for the Celtics for obvious reasons. He is an extremely talented rebounder averaging around 8 per game on just 20 minutes per game. The Celtics are very noticably bad on the boards on the offensive and defensive end. Every game I watch where they can't get a defensive rebound and let up second chance points it infuriates me. Bogut can help with that. He is also a good rim protector who can help shore up the interior defense, which is sometimes very shaky. Now the concern some Celtics fans may have is that he doesn't really spread the floor that well. That doesn't really concern me for two reasons. The first is that he can still hit the mid range shot, so it's not like he is completely unable to spread the floor. The second is that every team that plays like the Celtics needs just one guy who can grab rebounds at will. The Warriors use to do it with Bogut and now they have Javale McGee doing it, who is even worse at spreading the floor with his shot. The Cavs do it with Tristan Thompson, who is an animal on the boards that gives them many second chances, and also is an even worse floor spreader than Bogut. So not all 5 people on the court must be able to hit the three even if that is your style of play.

Overall this would be a good move for the Celtics that could help them reach the Eastern Conference Finals and I am hoping they make a big push for him. Get Tom Brady back to make a pitch for Bogut like we did with Durant, but maybe leave Kelly Olynyk at home this time.

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