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Who Is Coming to Boston? NBA Trade Deadline Is Very Close...

Every time a trade rumor appears on Twitter it seems that the Celtics are involved. The reality is, the NBA trade deadline will likely be full of rumors and names, but only a few deals will get done. The nature of those deals could be minor. Out of all the names, who is coming to Boston? Well, no one knows that question, but I want to hear from Celtics Nation.

I have come up with a list of names and a percentages that indicates how likely it is that the Celtics land that player. My percentages are based on the Celtics needs, rumors that have been out there, and how willing I believe the team is to trade each player.

Paul George

Less than 5% chance

Need: PG13 is a superstar every team could use him on their team.

Evidence: A subtle mention by Woj that the Celtics are trying to persuade the Pacers to trade him.

Willingness: The fact the Celtics have to try to persuade the Pacers shows that they are not willing to move their franchise player when they are in a playoff spot and have George locked up for one more season plus a player option if George accepts that.

Jimmy Butler

15% chance

Need: Much like George, Butler is a superstar that every team could use.

Evidence: The reason the chances of Butler are higher than George is because there has been rumors connecting him to the Celtics all the way back to the draft. In fact, K.C. Johnson even mentioned that a trade was proposed at last years draft

Willingness: Despite the Bulls being a below .500 team they currently hold a playoff spot, and have Butler locked up for two more season plus a player option if Butler exercises it. Again, considering Woj said the Celtics are trying to persuade the Bulls, like they are trying to do to the Pacers, shows that the willingness to move Butler is currently not there.

Carmelo Anthony

30% chance

Need: The Celtics lack a play-maker outside of Isaiah Thomas. The Celtics can get scoring from Jae Crowder on the wing, but Crowder does not pose the same threat on the court that Melo does. A solid defender can shut Crowder down, but Carmelo is a lot more dangerously offensively. Melo will not help this team in rebounding and defense, but if he could add another ten points on offense each night, the Celtics defense giving up 105-110 points may be good enough to win.

Evidence: Well, Carmelo was the first big name that the Celtics were linked too in this current trade season as it was said that Boston was one of the teams that Melo may waive his no-trade clause for. However, a recent report by Woj had mentioned the Celtics were not all that interested.

Willingness: The reason I have 30% is because the lack of willingness on the Celtics part and Melo wanting to stick it to Phil Jackson by saying he is not leaving New York and will not waive his no-trade clause. We know Phil Jackson wants to move Anthony, and if he gives in to Phil, then 35% could justifiably jump to 95%.

Andrew Bogut

60% chance

Need: A seven foot 260 pound center would definitely help the Celtics rebounding problem. He is will be a free agent in the Summer and is 32 years old with a known hamstring problem, so he should be cheap.

Evidence: Outside of Chris Mannix from the Vertical mentioning his name when asked who the Celtics may be interested in on CSNNE pregame, there has not been an official link to Bogut and Boston.

Willingness: The willingness will come down to the Mavericks. They are currently only two games out of a playoff spot, if they lose more ground for the eighth seed then I do not doubt Bogut will be moved.

Serge Ibaka

85% chance

Need: Boston needs defensive and rebounding help desperately, Ibaka would be an instant boost over Amir Johnson. The free agent to be may not come cheap, Keith Smith suggested it will take a first and a good young player to get him.


Willingness: I believe the chances that the Magic will move Ibaka is 100% considering he is an unrestricted free agent this Summer and the Magic are an awful team. However, it would be irresponsible to put the Celtics chances at 100% considering many teams are interested. However, with the obvious needs he would fill and the assets the Celtics have, I believe he is the most likely to be wearing green come February 24th vs the Raptors. Unless of course, Boston would rather have Ibaka go to their division rival.

So, Celtics Nation, out of all the names that are rumored out there, who is coming to Boston?

Credit: Celtics Direct Contributor Matt Poirier, Follow him on Twitter @BSTRONG415 for all your latest Celtics and other Boston sports news. Also check out the Celtics Direct Rumor Tracker where Matt also contributed.

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