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Celtics Lobby For Jaylen Brown In Dunk Contest

The Boston Celtics would like Jaylen Brown to compete in the Slam Dunk Contest.

Gerald Green and Isaiah Thomas are lobbying for Brown. Green won the contest at the age of 21 as a member of the Celtics.

"It will be good to show the world his athleticism," Green said. "A guy like that, man, anything for him to get exposed is pretty good. And it’s his rookie year so I think your rookie year, you get to kinda go out there and have fun, experience it, and then later on in your years you can just focus on things you need to focus on to get better as a player.

I told him if he enters it then I’ll give him some pointers, give him stuff that I think he could do. The dunk contest is different from when I was in it. It’s all about creativity and style and how you perform it or whatever. We’ll see how it goes if he wants to get in it or not."

Jaylen also added:

"I've been in some but this is the NBA dunk contest. It's different. I've got some stuff but I've got to figure it out," Brown added. "It's all about preparation. If I put the game plan together I probably could do it, but at this point I don't know yet."

I know Celtics fans would love to see it one days, hopefully he does enter it if not this year another for sure. No rush.. but i'm sure fans will be waiting.

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