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Weekly Q&A Mailbag | Week 1 | Nov 28th - 4th Dec

The start to something new! From now on we look to make this a weekly thing bringing Celtics fans together and get discussions going. The questions that have been sent to us this week have all been great. We hope you enjoy this if you have any feedback do not be hesitant to leave a comment below or contact us directly. Tweet us your questions and we will answer them!

Let's get into it.


Hi Tim, I am all for a Hayward/Stevens reunion. If the Utah Jazz would take Amir Johnson and a variety of picks for Hayward, I would do it in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, I don’t think the Celtics could get him without giving up one of the Brooklyn picks, and I wouldn’t touch the Brooklyn picks for him because he will be an UFA this offseason. If the Celtics stood pat for the rest of the year, they could wind up with a top 5 pick in a deep draft while also having the cap flexibility to sign Hayward as a free agent.


I have been saying this for a long time myself! When Larry Sanders was playing, he was an athletic center who could play elite post defense and was athletic for his size and length. Unfortunately, the biggest knock on Sanders is that he has not played professional basketball in two years. He doesn’t seem to have much of a desire to get back into the league. My feeling about this is that if he was motivated and ready to go he would be playing right now. If he were to sign with a team, it would take him a while to get back into game shape. Having said that if Sanders wanted to play and I were Ainge I would at least give him a look because we are hurting badly in terms of big men. Thank you for your question Devonte.


Hi AJ. In general, knowing Ainge, the likeliest trade is the one that no one is talking about. Specifically, I think the most likely trade targets for the Celtics would someone like Okafor or Noel. I could also see them making a run at Greg Monroe or Andrew Bogut if the price is right. The Kings are an intriguing team to watch at the deadline because of the potential availability of Rudy Gay, Omri Casspi, Cauley-Stein, and of course, Boogie Cousins. The chances are not very high of Cousins being moved but you never know.


It would depend on who the player was. If he traded the pick for Cousins, Davis, or Paul George, I would say Wyc Grousbeck and the Celtics brass would have to at least think about making a change. However, no matter who the player is, if Ainge trades the Brooklyn pick, it will be for someone who is seen as a cornerstone for the franchise for years to come. I think that ultimately if Ainge were to acquire a superstar player, he would be given a few years to build the team around him as well as Thomas and Horford before he would truly be on the hot seat. Good question Bill.


100% yes. On and off the court, Nerlens Noel would be a perfect fit for the Celtics. He is a local kid who is a good locker room presence. He would fit in very well with the guys already on the roster. On the court he is an elite post defender with great shot blocking ability and tenacious rebounding skills. He is not much of an offensive threat at this point of his career, but if he were paired with Al Horford, he would not have to score much. He can also develop into a low post scorer over time with development of instincts and post moves. Supports the Celtics too ;)


Hi Wahab, short answer: yes. DeMarcus Cousins would immediately become the best player on the Celtics if they were to trade for him. I know there are character concerns about him, but ultimately talent wins out in this league and Cousins is a generational type talent. I think if there was a coach/player combination to keep him in line it would be Brad Stevens and Isaiah Thomas. Cousins speaks very highly of Thomas and I think Stevens has the right demeanor that could help Cousins mature. Al Horford is also another veteran leader on that team that could help Cousins adapt to the Celtics culture even though he has only been here a short time. In terms of what a trade for Cousins would look like, I think it would take one of, if not both Brooklyn picks, either Crowder or Bradley, along with Amir Johnson, either Smart or Rozier, and another draft pick. That may seem like a lot to part with for a guy with red flags, but Cousins is the type of talent you have to empty the cupboard to get. High risk, high reward. Boston would finally have the superstar the fans have been begging for.


Great question Shelton. In a perfect world, Anthony Davis would be the player to bring the Celtics to the next level and help them compete with the elite teams in the NBA. Davis is a dynamic post scorer with decent range and a stalwart on the defensive end. Very few players can dominate a game like Davis can. He is one of a handful of guys who can dominate on both ends of the floor for a full game. He would also fit perfectly with Al Horford. Horford is a great defender, but less of a true interior defender like Davis is. Thomas could also run pick and roll with Horford and Davis on different possessions which would present huge mismatches in the Celtics favor. Anthony Davis would put us in the elite category.


Afraid isn’t the word I would use, but I think that a lot of GM’s around the league are hesitant to engage in trade discussions with him. At the time, the trade with Brooklyn looked very good for both teams. Pierce and Garnett seemed to have a few years left of their prime and Terry was a good scorer off the bench for a playoff team. Hindsight being 20/20, that trade was a steal for the Celtics. The original trade for Garnett from the Timberwolves was less about Ainge outsmarting McHale and that front office, and more about McHale helping out an old buddy. Al Jefferson was a decent prospect but I don’t think McHale would have done the deal if he and Ainge weren’t as close as they are. Ainge does have a reputation around the league as someone who wants to “win” every trade. That causes some frustration for fans because deals may not happen because of that but ultimately he works the trade market well and other GM’s have every right to be hesitant. That's our take on it Dan.

I think we'll wrap it up here for this week but this was very fun! Leave your comments below on what you think. Special thanks to Alex with this great idea and answering these questions. He has joined our team and will be answering these questions every week. Make sure to check him out below he will be the master of this segment.

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